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Hey everyone, I’m Heather Stearns, and I am a botanical artist, educator, and amateur explorer who has a passion for nature and the arts. I started this site to share my love for our natural world and the joy of my intensive study and creation of art in situ. I’m currently based in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Washington, but for good or for ill I’ve inherited my dad’s itchy feet and have plans to explore as much of this great, wide, amazing world God created as I can.

There’s a Pima Indian prayer, “Come and see the world the Creator has made.”

This is my desire for these writings: Come and see. Come and see the beauty Almighty God put out there for you and me. Come with me on the journey.

The Somewhat Feral Artist, in her natural habitats...

How you can support more art and expeditions:

Most of what I post here will be free. Like, 70 to 80%.

That remaining 20-30% of the content will be behind a nominal paywall because this Rather Feral Artist likes cookies and tea and new drawing sticks now and again.

If you love what you see here, please consider signing up for a $6/month subscription plan. It’s like buying me a fancy coffee and berry-flavored scone once a month to let me know you enjoy the content. Only, you’ll also get access to video drawing lessons, meditative/ASMR-style drawing videos, content from my future book, and so much more. It’s a win-win.

Supporting this site with a subscription helps me keep making art, keep exploring the wilderness areas, and keep pursuing my goals as a professional artist without fear or worry.

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Thank you for reading, and as always,

If you are a Christian inclined toward the arts, check out Matt Tommey Mentoring
Matt's work was quite influential to my own journey.

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Encountering God's fingerprints in nature, one adventure at a time. Heather Stearns is a Somewhat Feral botanical artist, Christian educator, and amateur explorer in the Blue Mountains of eastern Washington, USA.


Somewhat Feral Artist, enthusiastic Christian, educator, and explorer. All about encountering God amongst His Creation. Also: tea. Lots and lots of tea.